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Our posture screen app is ideal for all smart device users. As you check your newsfeed or respond to texts or emails, you may be unconsciously hunching over your device in a way that's not beneficial for your natural alignment.

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Our simple posture reminder and statistics help you improve posture habits and avoid the common symptoms of 'text neck' - the aches and pains caused by bending over handheld devices. Building good posture habits is especially important for young people as their bodies grow.

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SmartPosture™ is the posture app that experts trust to protect their families' and patients' phone posture.

"This is a simple innovative reminder -
easy and smart."

Beth Ennis

Physical Therapist

"Fantastic idea with a beautiful touch of

Rush Hendricks

Doctor of Physical Therapy

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What inspired SmartPosture™? Why are we so passionate about helping the world improve their posture?

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Sitting and standing up straight impact your health, relationships, and so much more.

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4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Posture

Improve your posture with these easy daily adjustments - your body will thank you.

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