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Smartposture posture app

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Smartposture posture app

Smart devices have become a big part of our lives.
Let's be smart about our posture while we use them.

Smartposture posture app

Start Seeing the Benefits of Correct Posture While Using your Smart Devices

SmartPosture™ App Features

Free Version

Receive instant feedback with simple posture correction reminders, from blurred screen to vibration.

Have unlimited ability to shake-to-exit posture reminders.

Access to 14-day statistics in app to track your results and progress.

Use parental control password setting.

With $2.99 annual paid subscription

Get more options to personalize your posture reminders to your preferences and goals.

Track progress and control settings on children and teens’ devices remotely with the Parental Control feature.

Access to 30-day statistics in app, plus global statistics that allow you to compare results with others in your community and around the world via our website.

Enjoy the ad-free experience.

How does SmartPosture™ work?


Install the app and choose your preferences for posture monitoring and posture reminders.


Click start to enable SmartPosture™ to run in the background, giving you instant feedback on your posture while using your device.


Check your progress with in-app statistics. Additional global statistics to compare results are available with paid subscriptions when you create an account on our website ( and pair your device.

How can I best use SmartPosture™ for my children?

In free version:

Parents can control the settings of their children’s devices.

Download the app on your device. In the app settings, enable the parental control PIN for added security.

For those with the $2.99 annual subscription:

Parents can remotely monitor and control the settings of their children’s devices.

Track and compare family members' results.

For children under 14

View statistics through your parent's account.

Getting Started


Add a member on your Account Settings page, and set up account


Download app on your child’s device


Pair device


In the app settings, enable the parental control PIN for added security

What’s the best way to use SmartPosture™ when sitting?

It's as easy as:

Feet on the floor

90 degrees at the knee

90 degrees at the hip

SmartPosture™ will take care of the rest

correct posture

What’s the best way to use SmartPosture™ when standing?

Simply start the app and your device will notify you if your posture needs adjusting.

Try our free posture app for Android today