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Read More Hi, I'm Trent Moeller and I am the founder of Posture Solutions and the creator of its first software release, SmartPosture™. I also own a wellness center that focuses on individuals with complex pre-existing neck and back issues. Over the last 20 years, my team and I have had great success in helping these individuals to be as healthy, functional and pain-free as possible. Clients are referred to us by physicians and physical therapists who share two of our core beliefs:

  1. Our body performs at its best and is most resilient when we maintain a balanced musculature.
  2. We should identify and limit triggering activities

In the past 8 years, unfortunately, younger and younger people are being referred to me that are battling with neck and back pain that I would usually see in someone 30 to 40 years older. I have found this increase to be clearly linked to bad habits surrounding their smart device usage. While I understand that smart devices have become a big part of our lives, I needed to find a way to help people be smart about their posture while using them.

To best address this, I wanted to create a solution for all ages that would cut through socio/economic, language and cultural barriers. This led me to develop SmartPosture™ and to offer it for free. It's been my personal passion and investment project for the last 2 1/2 years. I am so thankful to the physicians, physical therapists and psychologists from around the world that have helped to shape SmartPosture™ into the important tool it has become. Show less

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Trent Moeller

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Our Mission

As goes the phone, so goes the head. So true! We believe that "Every Degree Matters" when it comes to
better posture, so we designed SmartPostureTM with the flexibility to help people improve their posture a little
bit everyday. We hope to inspire small but effective posture screen habit changes and establish partnerships
to enhance our impact.

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